Academic Committee

Academic Committee

Anti Ragging Committee

The University has made ragging a cognizable offence punishable with imprisonment and holds the Principal responsible for making the College ragging-free. JNTUH is keeping a strict vigil to prevent any sort of ragging. Under the direction of the Supreme Court of India, authorities have asked colleges to take necessary measures to prevent ragging. Students are severely warned that:

  • Ragging of any kind is strictly prohibited by law inside the college and outside.
  • Offenders will be dismissed from the College and reported to the management.
  • Offenders cannot appear for university examinations.
  • Names of offenders will be sent to management, which will record the fact in the marks card.

Please do not be misguided. There is no such things as friendly ragging or mild ragging. All forms of ragging are de-humanizing and go against the core of the value system which our students must develop. The College will not take a lenient view of any offence of ragging.

The College has formed an ANTI-RAGGING FLYING SQUAD with Dr. U. Ravi Babu as the Chairman. Some senior faculty and senior students as members are represented in the committee. Freshers are advised to make a note of their names (it is good to memorize at least a few telephone numbers) given below. Please do not hesitate to approach them. They will keep your names confidential.

Any student who becomes a victim of ragging of any kind must report to the anti-ragging committee without any fear and college will take strict action

Anti Ragging Committee

Sno Name of Member Designation Role Mobile Number
1Dr. U Ravi BabuPrincipalChairman9676888886
2Dr. E Madhusudhana ReddyProfessorMember9440799939
3Prof. M Srinivasa RaoProfessorMember9866696151
4Mrs. S. Renuka Rani Assoc. ProfessorMember9553972999
5Mrs. T Sharvani Asst. ProfessorMember9885666360
6Mr. S Anjan Kumar Assoc. ProfessorMember9966402567
7Dr. Shaik KarimullaProfessorMember9948403809
8Mr. P Shekar BabuPhysical DirectorMember8790911899
9Mrs. P Durga BhavaniAdmin. OfficerMember8790311899
10Mr. M Sai KrishnaStudent, III B.TechMember9985750575
11Ms. K JahnaviStudent, II B.TechMember9121946794
12Mr. K Koteswar RaoParentMember8886111446
13Mr. M Venkateswara RaoParentMember9949691535

College Academic Committee

Sno Name of Member Designation Role
1 Dr. U Ravi Babu Principal Chairman
2 Prof. M Srinivasa Rao Professor Member Secretary
3 Dr. E Madhusudhana Reddy Professor Member
4 Dr. Shaik Karimulla Professor Member>
5 Dr D Kiran Kumar Professor Member
6 Mrs. S Renuka Rani Assoc. Professor Member
7 Mrs. T Sharvani Asst. Professor Member
8 Mr. Anjan Kumar Suram Asst. Professor Member

College Finance Committee

Sno Name of Member Designation Role
1Dr. U Ravi BabuPrincipalChairman
2Sri D SantoshSecretary, DRKGroup Member Nominated by BOG
3Sri D SriramTreasurer, DRKGroupMember Nominated by BOG
4Prof. M Srinivasa RaoProfessorMember Nominated by Principal
5Mrs. P Durga BhavaniAdmin. OfficerMember Nominated by Principal

Grievance & Redressal Committee

Sno Name of Member Designation Role
1 Prof. M Srinivasa Rao ECE Coordinator
2 Dr.N Ramesh Babu ECE Member
3 Dr. Shaik Karimulla MBA Member
4 Mr. K Sudheer Kumar CSE Member
5 Mr. Rama Prasad CSE Member
6 Mr. G Subba Rao CE Member
7 Mr. K Naresh CE Member
8 Mrs. A Padmavathi H&S Member
9 Mrs. B Ramesh Babu ECE Member

Women Empowerment, Grievances and Redressal Committee

Sno Name of Member Designation Role
1 Mrs. S Renuka Rani ECE Coordinator
2 Mrs. G Surekha CSE Member
3 Mrs. M Narmada CSE Member
4 Mrs. Ch Nirosha ECE Member
5 Mrs. M Rajeswari P CSE Member
6 Mrs. S.P.S.Vani Devi P CE Member
7 Mrs. A S Padmashree H&S Member
8 Mrs. P Uma Devi H&S Member
9 Mrs. Shabana Mohammed H&S Member